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F A Qs

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. Each hair stroke is manually applied one by one with a hand tools, to give natural looking results.

Microblading is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of the hair you currently have.

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from microblading, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows.

What is Microshading?

Microshading is a combination of Microblading and Shading. It is usually done two ways; Ombre Powder Shading with some strokes in the front or full Microbladed brows with light manual shading to fill in sparse areas. The amount of shading can be adjusted to suit your desired look. Typically recommended for all skin types and have little to no hair or with extremely sparse areas on brows. 

Do the technician have certifications and licensed?

Our Technician Ally is world renowned Phibrows Certified and Virginia state board Licensed.

She serviced 500+ procedures and experienced Microblading artist. 

How long does it take?

Your first microblading session should take about 2.5 hours. The session includes a thorough consultation, shaving, shaping/mapping, numbing and color matching.  Touch-up session is performed 6 to 11 weeks from the first session.


Is it painful?

The pain level for microblading procedures is considered mild to none. A numbing topical anesthetic is applied to the area before and during the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible. However, each person’s experience will vary depending on their pain tolerance and receptiveness to numbing agents. Topical anesthetics used may contain lidocaine.

After the procedure, redness and slight swelling in the area are normal.  

What is the difference between Microblading to Microshading ?

Microblading is hair stroke natural looking 3D and Microshading is we create a shade/powder filled brows also called 6D microblading.


How long does Microblading last?

Microblading can  last 1-3 years depending on skin type, sun exposure, after care & daily facial regimen.

We recommend annual touch ups to maintain color and shape. 

What  do  I  do  to  prep  for  Microblading?

You want to avoid anything that can thin the blood including medication, alcohol and caffeine. You want to be off fish oil and harsh skin regimens for at least two weeks before Microblading. If you tint your brows, you should do so a week before. You do not want to tint after, until Microblading is completely healed. If you get botox we recommend getting it done 2 weeks before your appointment to make sure muscles have settled into place. Please remember to take the same precautionary measures for your retouch appointment.

What's the healing process like?























Directly after the procedure: The eyebrow area will be slightly red and may appear dark.


Days 2-4:  Brows will appear very dark. 

Days 5-7: Scabbing will form. As scabs fall off, they may take pigment with them resulting in patchiness.  DO NOT touch scabs unless applying aftercare ointment.

Days 8-10: Pigment will "disappear."

Days 14-28: Pigment will start to resurface but will appear patchy in some areas and

be approximately 40-60%  lighter than initial application.

At the 4-10 week touch-up we will freshen-up the final look.

You will start to notice a softer and more natural looking results week 4-5 of healing.

You are completely healed and can schedule a retouch if needed from 5 weeks on from your first session.

Microblading is a two step process.

A 4-10 week touch up is recommended for new clients to complete a defined eyebrow shape and color. A minimum of 4 weeks is required between appointments to avoid the development of scar tissue and infection. In some cases you will need a third follow up if your skin type doesn't retain the ink well. There are different ink options for different skin types. Any adjustments in color, shape and strokes can be made at the touch up.

Microblading is only semi-permanent so after healing is complete the pigment will continue to fade and eventually disappear if no touch-ups are done. Skin type, facial products and lifestyle are all factors that effect how the pigment will fade. Oily skin, sweat, sun exposure, facial treatments, using AHAs, glycolic and lactic acids are all examples of factors which would cause faster pigment fading.


Who is eligible for cosmetic eyebrow tattoos?

 If you have any of the below contradictions, please consult with your doctor first:

   Pregnant or nursing

   Have diabetes (will require a physician’s note)

    Have had Botox in the last 2 weeks

    Any medical condition (will required a physician's note)

    Have gotten a deep tan or chemical peels in the last 2 weeks

    Have used Accutane,(acne medicine) within the last year

    Have a pacemaker, heart conditions, or are taking heart medications

    Are undergoing chemotherapy (will require a physician’s note)

    Are allergic to lidocaine that numbing cream.

 If you checked every section was not, you're a good candidate for microblading.

Is the 2nd touch-up session necessary?

Yes! The first session lays the foundation for the final outcome. The healed results will be significantly lighter and some areas will not take the pigment as well as others—resulting in gaps. Once we see the healed results, we can adjust color, shape, and fullness as needed, and the pigment will hold better as well. This touch-up session will perfect your look and help your results last longer.


Can I get my touch-up session sooner than 4 weeks?

Touch-ups can be made no sooner than 4 weeks’ post-procedure.

Since skin cycle is 28days in our body.


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